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The History of Handelsbanken

Welcome to the history of Handelsbanken! On this website you will find text, images and films that tell the story of the bank, its people and environments, and much more. Access to all this information is available by becoming a member of Handelsbanken’s Historical Society. In the meantime, why not take a look at the slideshow and read a summary of the history of Handelsbanken!

Slideshow Read about the history of Handelsbanken

The Society

Handelsbanken’s Historical Society, HHiS, was formed on 20 June 2007 with the aim of spreading knowledge about the history of Handelsbanken. Members of the Society are given extended access to information on handelsbankshistorien.nu and are able to read some articles and other material in advance, which allows them to contribute with additions and corrections. HHiS also organises member activities that are linked to business history in general and the company history of Handelsbanken in particular.

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